Travel Agency in Doha, Qatar. Al Jaber Travels and Tours AKA, ATG Qatar, makes your business travel and holidays special – a chance to escape the ordinary, enjoy new experiences, relax, and focus on quality time with your family and friends. Whether you love an adventure-packed escape or want a relaxing break, Cruises for a Luxurious Voyage, we will arrange it all for you at great prices.

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Al Jaber Travel is ATG Qatar.

ATG Travel is one of the largest travel management companies in the world. Established in 1995 in the USA now based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. ATG is composed by an international allstar team of travel management companies in over 140 countries, working together to create an exceptional travel experience for your global employees, that’s also streamlined and reliable on the back-end. As individuals they are the best at their game in their respective countries.

As a global team, they are unbeatable. Having a healthy respect for cultural difference is what makes them successful in global travel management. Maximizing the value of a global relationship while taking advantage of the local capabilities ensures the best opportunity for success in delivering exceptional customer service value across all constitutes of our organization. Know more

travel agency in Qatar
17Al Jaber News Our hotel partners in Qatar - Century Marina Hotel Lusail and Century Doha. Contact us for reservations.17Al Jaber News Eid Holiday Packages are available. Call us on +974 44138777.

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